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Protecting a Sacred-Site

Protecting a Sacred-Site Asserted as much as a distinction of the natural environment, as a requirement of the inhabitant human mind, territorialism protects habitat integrity and its treasured repository of amassed memory.  Areas of singularly invaluable memory, such as sacred birthing sites, are respected with the highest order of territorial protection and through the exclusion of conflicting uses that would otherwise contaminate the

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Hope’s Cycad

Hope's Cycad - Lepidozamia hopeii Growing at an estimated meter per century, the venerable Hope’s Cycad - Lepidozamia hopei (W.Hill) Regel, attains a potential height of twenty-metres across two-millennia.  Reproducing about once every seven years, with both male and female plants producing large reproductive cones atop their axes, appears to be both periodic but also triggered by cyclones.  In the critical phase of cone

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Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher

I heard my first Buff-breasted Paradise Kingfisher - Tanysiptera sylvia (Gould, 1850) for the year, today.  It arrived from West Papua or Papua New Guinea to nest exclusively in the epigeal or terrestrial termite mounds of Microcerotermes serratus (Froggatt, 1898).  Largely-symmetrical ellipsoid nests contain complex tunnels and chambers that regulate temperature, humidity and oxygen, to cultivate the growth of fungi that the termites

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Human appreciation of beauty

Treasured rainforest beauty The large and beautiful Macleay’s Swallowtail Moth - Lyssa macleayi (Montrouzier, 1856), is velvety-brown with bold white features, which are particularly prominent on the ventral surface in flight.  It took me eight-years, however, searching every night into the depths of this ancient rainforest as a profession, before I found my first Northern Leaf-tailed Gecko – Saltuarius cornutus (Ogilby, 1892). 

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Nature’s pharmacy

NATURE'S PHARMACY As the torrid internal rivalries of the world’s oldest rainforest have played out longer than any other, so have adaptive strategies developed with ever-increasing potency and as every toxic product provides a protective purpose, no other ecosystem is as likely to reveal such a rich repository of biochemical treasures with therapeutic benefit for a host of outstanding health-related concerns.  As

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The colour blue

Maja-Jalunji has undoubtedly become the most highly-refined photosynthetic performer on the planet.  Drawing red bands of light from the white-light of the sun leaves a residue of reflected light that most humans see as green; and yet, within this reflected light, blue and ultraviolet bands dominate the un-utilised portion of residual white-light.  A light environment is established at the leafy, outer-surface of the

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Hidden treasure

WHAT'S IN A NAME? Merely identifying the particular part of the world that occupies the centrepiece of this reporting, is confounded by a crisis of identity.  Cooper Creek drains the middle of the three valleys off the eastern flank of Thornton Peak and was most likely attributed to Frederick Augustus Cooper (1834-1908), the elected Parliamentary representative for the Queensland Seat of Cook,

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Nature’s most informative prospectus

THE MORNING CHORUS Daintree Rainforest begins its day with a vocal changing of guard.  The steady prattle of nocturnal insects, interspersed with crooning male tree-frogs and intermittent outbursts of authoritative scrub-fowl, is replaced by a growing succession of diurnal announcements.  Noisy Pitta - Pitta (Pitta) versicolor (Swainson, 1825) typically cuts through the retracting darkness first, with its provocative, pitch-perfect, “Up you get!”.  Yellow-spotted Honeyeater

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