Human appreciation of beauty

Treasured rainforest beauty The large and beautiful Macleay’s Swallowtail Moth - Lyssa macleayi (Montrouzier, 1856), is velvety-brown with bold white features, which are particularly prominent on the ventral surface in flight.  It took me eight-years, however, searching every night into the depths of this ancient rainforest as a profession, before I found my first Northern Leaf-tailed Gecko – Saltuarius cornutus (Ogilby, 1892). 

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The colour blue

Maja-Jalunji has undoubtedly become the most highly-refined photosynthetic performer on the planet.  Drawing red bands of light from the white-light of the sun leaves a residue of reflected light that most humans see as green; and yet, within this reflected light, blue and ultraviolet bands dominate the un-utilised portion of residual white-light.  A light environment is established at the leafy, outer-surface of the

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