Amethystine Pythons

Amethystine Pythons Amethystine Pythons - Morelia kinghorni (Stull, 1933) are vividly-white along their ventral surfaces and are also equipped with highly-evolved heat-sensing pits along their jaw-lines, rich with infrared receptors.  Ambush is their most efficient predatory stratagem, but nocturnally-conspicuous warm-blooded mammals are, by necessity, super-sensitive to the underlying danger signal of white, so pythons conceal the full-length of their white under-bellies along

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Vibrancy of Yellow

Vibrancy of Yellow As a recurring rainforest theme, the vibrancy of yellow stands out with brazen distinction.  The yellow blooms of Golden Penda - Xanthostemon chrysanthum (F.Muell.) radiate with regal splendour.  Under the influence of blue-dominated low-light within the rainforest understory, protoplasmic Slime Mould - Physarum polycephalum (Schwein) streams beautifully bright-yellow and in terms of network intricacy and speed of motility, impresses

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Protecting a Sacred-Site

Protecting a Sacred-Site Asserted as much as a distinction of the natural environment, as a requirement of the inhabitant human mind, territorialism protects habitat integrity and its treasured repository of amassed memory.  Areas of singularly invaluable memory, such as sacred birthing sites, are respected with the highest order of territorial protection and through the exclusion of conflicting uses that would otherwise contaminate the

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