Jungle Carpet Python

Jungle Carpet Python The ventral surface of the Jungle Carpet Python - Morelia spilota cheynei (Wells & Wellington, 1984) is brilliant white.  Optimising visibility to the eyesight of nocturnal fauna, including diminutive blossom bats and adorable striped possums, white also allows nocturnal fauna to be better seen, for important purposes such as mate-selection.  Jungle Carpet Pythons are also equipped along their jaw-lines

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Nature’s pharmacy

NATURE'S PHARMACY As the torrid internal rivalries of the world’s oldest rainforest have played out longer than any other, so have adaptive strategies developed with ever-increasing potency and as every toxic product provides a protective purpose, no other ecosystem is as likely to reveal such a rich repository of biochemical treasures with therapeutic benefit for a host of outstanding health-related concerns.  As

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