Daintree Rainforest begins its day with a vocal changing of guard.  The steady prattle of nocturnal insects, interspersed with crooning male tree-frogs and intermittent outbursts of authoritative scrub-fowl, is replaced by a growing succession of diurnal announcements.  Noisy Pitta – Pitta (Pitta) versicolor (Swainson, 1825) typically cuts through the retracting darkness first, with its provocative, pitch-perfect, “Up you get!”.  Yellow-spotted Honeyeater – Meliphaga (Meliphaga) notata (Gould, 1867) confirms, with its similarly galvanising, “Rouse! Rouse! Rouse! Rouse! Rouse” and Helmeted Friarbird – Philemon (Philemon) buceroides (Swainson, 1838) adds to the reveille, with its motivational, “Let’s go!  Let’s go!  Let’s go!”


Appropriately sensitised to these auditory cues, rainforest children wake to attend to the day’s most informative prospectus.  Nurtured from birth and judiciously cultivated with a fear response to particular calls of the early birds, breaches sleep, through the ramparts of dreaming, into collective consciousness.  Repetition lays the foundation for auditory familiarity.  The human awakening response activates prospective memory representations to strengthen successfulness of place and purpose within the corresponding natural environment.  Opportunities and dangers are emphasised by both proximity and also the extent of their variation from the norm.  This innate alarm clock exists to serve the human condition, but how few are aware of its functionality, let alone enjoy the benefits of its bequeathed purpose?  For the prolonged, post-natal brain-development requirements of human offspring, the opportunity of a lifetime is rather held in trust; habitat and culture are handed-down from generation to generation.


As a long-term human inhabitant, I confirm that rainforest life conveys aspirational qualities through its countless expressions of vitality.  Recognising cautious provision within successful design cultivates decision-making towards progressive refinement and nurtures environmental wisdom.

“This ancient rainforest plays its symphonic masterpiece across our human sensitivities, so that we become its most informed and altruistic defenders.”


Endless revelations of elucidating truth prime human objectivity with the educating rewards of attentiveness.  The evidence of these revelations infuse the attendee with co-custodianship of the apprehended values, which subsequently reside, both in-situ and also within the repository of corresponding memory.  Dimensions of deeper importance intensify the treasury of memories, allowing ever-enriching understandings to optimise ecosystem management.