Hidden treasure

WHAT'S IN A NAME? Merely identifying the particular part of the world that occupies the centrepiece of this reporting, is confounded by a crisis of identity.  Cooper Creek drains the middle of the three valleys off the eastern flank of Thornton Peak and was most likely attributed to Frederick Augustus Cooper (1834-1908), the elected Parliamentary representative for the Queensland Seat of Cook,

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Nature’s most informative prospectus

THE MORNING CHORUS Daintree Rainforest begins its day with a vocal changing of guard.  The steady prattle of nocturnal insects, interspersed with crooning male tree-frogs and intermittent outbursts of authoritative scrub-fowl, is replaced by a growing succession of diurnal announcements.  Noisy Pitta - Pitta (Pitta) versicolor (Swainson, 1825) typically cuts through the retracting darkness first, with its provocative, pitch-perfect, “Up you get!”.  Yellow-spotted Honeyeater

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